Riding Safe with Trikes in a Group

We are seeing a growing percentage of our H.O.G. members on trikes. As such, our Road

Captains would like to share this suggestion which illustrates how we might best safely

integrate trikes into group rides.

We don’t treat trikes any different than any other motorcycle. They ride in the pack and in a

staggered formation. If someone on a trike wants to ride towards the back, that is their right,

just like anyone else. We never ask or tell them to ride in the back. However, we DO ask

that everyone try to avoid 2 or 3 trikes in a row. We would prefer the lineup to be at least one

2-wheeler between trikes. This is NOT meant to imply that people on trikes are not good

riders. This is simply for maneuverability and safety, as explained next.

When we come to a stoplight or stop sign, we collapse our staggered formation so there are

two bikes, side by side. (This allows us to get more bikes safely through the intersection and not stretch out for a

long distance.) The very same procedure happens with a trike. Since everyone rides in a staggered formation, the

trike will stop in their ó of the lane and the bike that is on their diagonal behind them will pull up next to them. This

becomes a little more difficult if there are two trikes in a row but is very easy with a trike and a 2-wheeler. Both

riders need to make sure they stay in their ó of the lane. If they do, then there is plenty of room. Now we are in a

compact formation and everyone can safely get through the stop sign or light. Please see the diagram below      


          Steve Eagels our safety Officer..

Recommended ride formation.