Double turn lane danger Beware:

I am writing this article because this has happened to me twice within the last

two weeks. Once in the cage and once on the bike. It seems there are those

folks that simply don’t understand the nature of the double turn lanes or

simply don’t care.

So, here I am at Daniels waiting patiently for the light in an attempt make a left

turn onto Treeline going North. While I sit in the right turn lane, alongside of

me is another vehicle in the left turn lane closest to the middle. After the light changes and we

get our green, we both proceed to make our left. There are plenty of dashed lines in the road

to let each driver know where and how they are supposed to proceed in the turn. Well

surprise surprise, as I make my turn, the idiot in the left lane decides he is just going to drift

over into the right turn lane, whether I am there or not. Even the loud blast of the horn

doesn’t dissuade him from trying to shove me off the road and into the shoulder.( Lucky that

was there) It seems to me that these

drivers are simply oblivious to this,

perhaps because where ever they come

from there is only one lane for turns, but

here in Florida we usually have two at

most major intersections.

All I can say, is this is another place

where you really need to expect the

moron driver. Perhaps, trying to adjust

your position slightly ahead or well

behind might help. However, with cars in

front and behind it’s just not always

possible. Therefore, be alert, and plan

for this by watching the driver to your

left and be prepared to act defensively

should he/she decide to

move into your lane.

Ride Safe, 

Steve Eagles

Recommended group riding pattern.