Avoiding danger at a red-light Intersection


One of the most common risks is when a driver approaches an intersection opposite of

us and turns left across our path. It’s something we always have to be prepared for.

As motorcycle riders, we should remember any vehicle approaching an intersection from

our right could also turn into our path of travel. Here are some reasons why:

· Motorcycles are much smaller than cars or trucks and can be misperceived as

being further away than they really are.

· A driver planning to make the right on red may look right at you and misjudge your

distance and speed, turning into your path.

· At night, your single headlight may become visually blended with a vehicle behind you with a right

turn signal blinking—the driver turning right on red doesn’t see you and pulls into your path

How to limit the risk:

There are things you can do to help protect yourself. When riding, consider:

· Approaching all intersections with alert caution

· Reducing your speed, Don’t speed up just to make the Light!!

· Maintaining 360-degree awareness

· Actively scanning for traffic approaching the

intersection from all directions

· Using the center lane on multi-lane roads to

increase your space cushion and visibility

· Turning off your turn signal after you

complete a turn

Be alert when approaching all intersections!!

Recommended group riding pattern.