Safety Officer

  It’s something those who don’t ride motorcycles may never understand. But the draw of the

road, the wind, and the pleasant growl of a big v-twin engine is an intoxicating cocktail to

those of us who do.

First, many of us ride with our faces covered, our hands covered in gloves. Social distancing

isn’t a problem. I’m definitely not getting any closer than six feet to someone else on my bike.

Those with passengers may be different. But if you’re close enough to someone to have

them hang on to you on the back of a bike, you’re likely spending a lot of time close together anyway.

Then, there’s fuel efficiency. Although gas prices are very low right now, saving a few dollars

on gas during uncertain economic times certainly does not hurt. My bagger gets 40mpg,

much better than my cars.

But the biggest difference is, the roads are probably much safer. Of course, we would gladly give this up to have

things back to normal. But, with schools closed and more people working from home there is very little traffic. That

alone decreases the danger of getting hit by a car exponentially. I’m riding to the grocery store and have had the

fewest number of close calls with other drivers. Again, bikers would gladly go back to dodging distracted drivers if

things would go back to normal…just to be clear!

Also, it’s a great opportunity to get “wind therapy.” In stressful times like these, riding a motorcycle is a good way to

unwind, relax and relieve anxiety. Getting outdoors and in that wind is also another good way to avoid infection.

In fact, it’s still pre- summer heat and hot days here in South Florida, so, it’s great weather to ride too. So, throw

some hand-sanitizer in the saddle bags, point the front wheel into the wind and head on down the road. Hopefully

sooner than later that road will lead back to more normal times.

But if you are going to ride, still follow the guidelines to coronavirus prevention: avoid large groups, wash your

hands, and stay home if you’re sick.


Ride Safe

Recommended ride formation.