Check Your Tires Before Each Ride


Remember back when you took the Basic Rider Course to get your endorsement? Remember that there was an acronym (TCLOCK), to help you methodically inspect your motorcycle. It starts with T, which stands for tires. Unlike a car with a spare, your motorcycle will be out of commission should you experience a tire failure.

So, it is important for you to inspect your tires before each ride. Look for any deformities in the tread or sidewalls, foreign objects stuck in the tire, and make certain there is adequate tread. Check the pressure in your tires while they are cold. When was the last time you checked your tire pressure? Proper air pressure is critical for tire performance and tire life. Under-inflation or overloading

can cause sluggish handling, heavy steering, and
internal damage due to over-flexing, and can cause the tire to separate from the rim. Over-inflation can reduce the contact area (and therefore available traction), and can make the motorcycle react harshly to bumps. Harley- Davidson typically recommends 36-38psi for the front tire and 40psi in the rear tire. If you notice that you have lost some pressure make sure that you don’t have an object stuck in the tire, as that could be a good warning sign.

As far as tread, here is a quick check to see if you have enough tire tread. If you insert a penny into a groove in the center of your tire, 2/32 of an inch is right at the top of Lincoln’s head. Of course, you can also check the tire

wear indicator. Treat your tires well and they’ll treat you to many miles of safe, comfortable riding.    Safe riding.

Recommended ride formation.