Safety Officer

                                                            Unusual Times...Be Extra Safe

Hello everyone. Hope you are all safe and well, because I know there are many Floridians out there that are not. This article is going to be short, but very important. As I drive around mostly in my air conditioned “Cage,” I have observed an unusual number of motor vehicle accidents. Most notably, I was out the other day on Colonial and literally came across 3 separate accidents all at the same time. Unfortunately, each accident appeared to have serious vehicular damage.

I got to thinking perhaps this is no coincidence. Our world has certainly changed. People may
just be reacting poorly. The frustration level is probably very high among folks for serious
reasons such as health, emotional, politics, finances, and severe weather. We have folks
that have been stuck at home for long periods. Folks, like us, not partaking in the usual
socializations that we need to enjoy life. We have the frustrating mask debate, the lively
afternoon storms, and of course we have the political scene. There are also many people with serious financial issues. So, it’s my suspicion that this is potentially making drivers more aggressive and more apt not to concentrate on the road. Even road rage may be a more common sign of the times.

My message to everyone that is riding these days, is to please be aware of this situation. Please consider having extra tolerance and using extra caution. Drive slower and keep a safe distance. Drive defensively and certainly refrain from any type of engaging behavior associated with anger, as this could easily result in a tragic event.

Choose riding times early in the day to avoid foul weather. And if unavoidable, prepare for bad weather. When stopping somewhere please practice the best CDC guidelines. Wear a mask, wash your hands, use sanitizer and practice social distancing. Folks this is all we have now to fight this pandemic. Safety should always come first.

Stay safe and ride safe.

Recommended ride formation.