"Points" are given for rides. Sign in at the Briefing.

> Jan   Sat    25th   Hurricane Charlie's, Punta, 10am, RC, Terry.
> Jan   Sun   26th   Dutch Vally, Sarasota, 10am, RC, Roy.
> Jan  Wed  29th   Super Bowl Miami Grounds, 9am, RC, Steve.
> Feb   Sat    1st      Linger Lodge - Bradenton, 9am, RC, Roy.
> Feb   Sun   2nd    Angler's Cove, Port of Isle, Super Bowl Sun, 10am.
> Feb   Wed   5th    Road Captains Choice, 10am, RC, Paul C.
> Feb   Sat     8th    The Yard, Naples, 10am, RC, Kevin.
> Feb   Sun    9th    Isle of Islamorada, Bass Pro, After Mtg, RC, Fred.
> Feb   Wed   12th   Road Captains Choice, 10am, RC, Nick.
> Feb  Thurs  13th   Sweetheart Ride, 6pm, Signup on Website Please.
> Feb   Sat    15th   Rusty Putter, Ave Maria, 10am, RC, Joe.
> Feb   Sun   16th   Snook Inn, Marco, 10am, RC, Paul T.
> Feb  Tues  18th   Escort Travel Vietnam Wall, Marco, 10am, RC, John.
> Feb   Wed  19th   Road Captains Choice, 10am, RC, John.
> Feb   Sat   22nd   Seminole Casino Car Event, 10am, RC, Steve.
> Feb   Sun   23rd   Ringling Museum, sarasota, 9am, RC, Bob.
> Feb   Wed  26th   Road Captains Choice, 10am, RC, Paul C.
> Feb   Sat    29th   Terry's Surprise, 10am, RC, terry.