Our next General Meeting

 is March 8th - 10 AM  

Welcome to Rockstar HOG Chapter #4352
Fort Myers Florida

Please check out our Calendar & Event page for recent added info.

   If you are visiting or planning to travel to Southwest Florida and would like to inquire about our HOG Chapter Please Contact us or visit the Dealership. We have several Rides planned each week and our area can be the best year round weather for rides.

Our HOG Director

Thanks to everyone who attended the February meeting.

Member enthusiasm, support,

and participation is what makes Rockstar H.O.G a great chapter.

 One thing you have to admit is there is no way you will ever get

bored in our chapter. We have so many rides, events and trips

being planned that it’s impossible not to have fun. Read

the newsletter, the weekly blast, our Facebook page,

our website, and flyers for upcoming opportunities to

join in all the activities.

Congratulations to our sponsoring dealership, Rockstar

Harley-Davidson, for achieving 3rd place in worldwide

motorcycle sales in 2019. In addition, Rockstar H-D

received the 2019 “Gold Bar and Shield” award from

Harley-Davidson. Outstanding! Not stopping to catch

their breath, the Rockstar H-D team came in 1st place

in motorcycle sales worldwide for January 2020. Motor

Clothes came in first within the TMC family of stores

and Service and Parts achieved 2nd place each.

I’d like to introduce you to Anna Dellato our new

Chapter Manager/Dealer Liaison. She is the event

coordinator for Rockstar H-D and a member of your

H.O.G. Board of Directors. Welcome Anna.

I’d also like to thank Lee Stevens for adding a little

history to our February meeting as he spoke about the

founding of the H.O.G. chapter and the impact his

brother had on establishing the foundation for what we

are enjoying today. Lee’s brother passed away a year

ago and this was a great tribute to his memory.

Another shout out to our fabulous Road Captains for

great rides while keeping us all safe. This is the time of

the year we have large number of riders show up for

our 3 weekly H.O.G rides. Nothing wrong with that. In

fact, we’d like to see even more riders participate. For

safety, the chapter has established rules that a group

can be no larger than 20 bikes. Therefore, we often

must split the group. This means Road Captains are

called in for extra duty. They never hesitate, never

complain, and always step up to fill whatever need

arises. Hat’s Off to all our Road Captains.

I am so excited about 2020 that I want to say more

about everything coming up on our calendar but I don’t

want to steal other Director’s thunder. Please read their

articles and save all the dates on your calendars.

However, I will advise you not to miss the “Fort Myers

Bike Night” held at Rockstar H-D on March 14 and the

“3 Day Rockstar H-D Extravaganza” the following

weekend! Look for our Rockstar H.O.G. Chapter tent at

both events.