Our next General Meeting

 is December 8th - 10 AM  

Welcome to Rockstar HOG Chapter #4352

   Members, here is a Chapter Enrollment Form to fill in, print and fill out, then return.

   If you are visiting or planning to travel to Southwest Florida and would like to inquire about our HOG Chapter Please Contact us or visit the Dealership. We have several Rides planned each week and our area can be the best year round weather for rides.

Hello to all and Happy November!  


Hope you are all enjoying our great fall riding. We’ve made it through another month without a hurricane, only one more month to go and Hurricane Season will be past us.

It’s great to see the return of many of our seasonal Members and friends. We

have a lot of great things going on and we’re glad you are here to share and

enjoy them with us.

Looking back, the “Fly Your Bra Ride” was a great success! Susan McDonald and

her team have been working for a year to plan and orchestrate this event to

help local breast cancer victims. Through donations, fund raising activities and

registration, $11,000.00 was raised for this worthy cause. There were several

compliments on the ride that was led by Police Officers from the Lee and

Collier County Sheriff’s Departments. The recipients of money raised were

able to participate in the ride, compliments of John Benson and Fred Lamphear

who followed the motorcycle riders with the recipients in their convertibles.

Thank you to Susan McDonald and her team and all of the Volunteers who

contributed their time and efforts to make the Fly Your Bra Ride such a big


A big “Thank You” to Rockstar Harley-Davidson and Kaley Tyree who worked

closely, tirelessly, and generously with Susan to prepare and execute the Fly

Your Bra Ride! Our sponsoring Dealer really stepped up to be a major

contributor to help make this event fun for everyone participating. Much of the

money earned would have been spent on the execution of this event without

Rockstar Harley-Davidson’s generosity and Kaley Tyree’s attention to detail and

commitment to help.


As the end of the year is approaching, it is time for us to consider who will be

our Chapter Director for 2020. Geno DeMauro, Rockstar Harley-Davidson’s

General Manager has decided that our next Chapter Director will be chosen

with an election by our Members.

I have asked for any Member interested in becoming our

next Chapter Director to notify me in writing. These have

been given to Geno DeMauro for his review, an interview,

and his approval.

At our next Chapter General Meeting, on Sunday, November

10th, all approved candidates will be asked to tell our

Members why they should be the next Chapter Director and

their plans for next year.

At our Chapter General Meeting on Sunday, December 8th, we will vote by paper ballot for our next Chapter Director. The votes will be tallied at the Meeting and our next Rockstar H.O.G. Chapter Director will be elected.

I hope to see many of you at our “Party Like a Rockstar” party on Saturday, November 2nd. Your Party Committee

Members have put a lot of work into making this a fun event that I’m sure you will enjoy. Please don’t miss this

opportunity to “Party Like a Rockstar!”

For those of you who haven’t heard, the City of Fort Myers has decided not to host Bike Night’s in the future. Our

Dealership started Bike Nights 20 years ago and turned the event over to the city. As such, the City of Fort Myers has asked

Rockstar Harley-Davidson if they would like to continue the event in the future. On Saturday, November 9th, Rockstar

Harley-Davidson will be hosting the New Fort Myers Bike Night. We have been asked to participate with a Rockstar H.O.G.

Chapter booth or display. Please help support our sponsoring Dealership by attending the New Fort Myers Bike Night at

Rockstar Harley-Davidson.

At our November Chapter Meeting we will also have a Chili Cook-Off. Please bring a pot of your best Chili Recipe.

We will have ample cords and connections for your crock pots to keep your entry hot during our Meeting. This has always

been a fun event, so please come prepared to sample some great chili, you might even win something.

Steve DiPietro has organized a ride to St. Augustine for the St. Augustine Tree Lighting,

departing on Friday, November 22nd. This should be a fun weekend with a 2 night stay in a

beautiful old city, a great Christmas Parade, and a fun ride returning on Sunday. You won’t

want to miss this trip.

Thank you to all of our Road Captains for all they do to lead us on great rides! Thank

you also, to everyone who has Volunteered to help with our Chapter activities!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you are as thankful as I am for all of the opportunities and freedom we enjoy!

Have a great month! Ride with a smile! Just Bob....

Pete Schwab, H.O.G Regional Manager..