The HOG General Meeting 

November 14th / 10am

"Outdoors @ Rockstar H-D"

Welcome to Rockstar HOG *Chapter #4352*
Fort Myers Florida


1. Obtain a renewal form at the dealership or on the Chapter website.

2. Fill out the form completely and legibly.

3. Sign the form.

4. Date the form 01/01/2022 (or later if filled out after 01/01/2022).

5. Attach annual dues of $20 

6. Put form with $20 in the Chapter mailbox at the dealership.


Renewals are due by January 31, 2022.

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Upcoming Events

Fun Facts

The Company Produced Bicycles for a Short Time

When Harley-Davidson examined the market, they determined that they would maximize long-term profits by catching their customers early. They produced their very first bicycle in 1917, which was targeted to pre-teen boys. It was also painted in olive drab to support the troops. Unfortunately, these bicycles never really took off. They were sinking more money into the idea than they were gaining from it and ceased production only a few years after it began. These bikes are quite rare today, and thus are highly sought-after by collectors.

Our HOG Director Fred Lamphear

Effective Immediately

for Weekly Chapter Rides:

Arrival Time  - 9:00 AM

Departure Time - 9:30 AM

(Special rides may have different Arrival and Departure times. Always read Blasts and Calendars.) 

The Chapter recommends, 12 Bikes in a  group. The lead will determine when & how a larger group will split. Safety is the goal.


Given these unprecedented times we live in, the primary way we have to communicate with Rockstar H.O.G. Members is via email. Please open all emails you receive from Rockstar H.O.G. Thank You ..



Effective January 2, 2021, Wednesday and Saturday chapter ride departure times are 9:30 AM.

Read the blast, Facebook and the Calendar on this website and in the monthly newsletter 

for special rides that may have different departure times.



Effective in February 2021, Chapter General Membership Meetings will return to the pre-COVID schedule of the second Sunday of every Month at 10:00 AM.  

 If you are visiting or planning to travel to Southwest Florida and would like to inquire about our HOG Chapter Please Contact us or visit the Dealership. We are planning rides again safely.