Our next General Meeting

 to be determined after the Counties situation gets resolved.. 

Welcome to Rockstar HOG Chapter #4352
Fort Myers Florida

Please watch here for updates...

Below are messages from our HOG Director..

To help ensure H.O.G. Members and their families well being and safety

during these unusual and stressful times, we have taken the following action:


All April H.O.G. Chapter Rides are Cancelled.

The April H.O.G. Board Of Directors Meeting is cancelled.

The April H.O.G. Road Captains Meeting is cancelled.

The April General Membership Meeting is cancelled.


In addition,

Golisano Children's Hospital has cancelled the Easter Bunny Toy Run scheduled for 4/11.

Leesburg has cancelled the Leesburg BikeFest scheduled for 4/24, 25 & 26.


Members making the individual decision to independently ride on normally scheduled chapter ride days can show up at the dealership at 10:00 AM. However, there is no guarantee that others will be there. Or, they can make other arrangements amongst themselves. In addition, these  will not be H.O.G. sanctioned rides.


We will continue to keep you informed on any changes as we all struggle through these unfortunate times.

***"During these unusual times of "social distancing" and limiting the number of people in a social gathering, we must maintain the fellowship that being a member of Rockstar H.O.G. provides.


One way we can do that is as we ride individually, or with a few friends, take some pictures to share with fellow H.O.G members. Take scenic pictures. Take pictures of unusual scenes and animals. Take pictures if you visit Rockstar H-D or any other H-D dealership. Wherever you ride by motorcycle or car, take some pictures. If you know or visit a nurse, doctor or first responder, share a picture of our heroes on the front line.


Email Pictures to the following:

Nick Caizzo  nc4527@gmail.com - for publication in a future newsletter

Susan McDonald  hdsusan2011@gmail.com - for publication on our Facebook page.

Rudy Schider  rockstarhog@gmail.com - for publication on our website.


Let's stay in touch via pictures and other means. When this is all over we'll be back stronger than ever with many great rides, events, and lots of hugs and handshakes.


Wishing everyone all the best. See you soon."


Fred Lamphear Director, Rockstar H.O.G. Chapter

                          We wish you all best during these very unusual times.


Unfortunately, no Rockstar H.O.G. rides or activities are scheduled for the Month of April. However, Rockstar H-D is open and ready to service all your needs. Watch the Rockstar H-D website for updates throughout the month. APRIL BIRTHDAYS There will be a drawing for a Rockstar Gift Card amongst those celebrating their Birthday in April. The drawing will be held at the dealership on what would have been the date of the Easter Bunny Toy Run, April 11. If you have a birthday in April and want to participate in this drawing please email: John Benson harleyensign@gmail.com and Gary Mayer garywmayer@gmail.com Your names will not be automatically included for the drawing. Similar to a regular membership meeting where you must show up to win, You must let us know you want to participate. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR NAME IS APRIL 9, 2020. No gathering is allowed for the drawing. The drawing will be video taped and the winner announced on facebook, the website, and a blast. The gift card can be picked up at the dealership receptionist. Please be safe and abide by all the guidelines set forth by the CDC and the President’s covid-19 Task Force. Fred Lamphear, Director-Rockstar H.O.G Chapter