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 is February 9th - 10 AM  

Welcome to Rockstar HOG Chapter #4352
Fort Myers Florida

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   If you are visiting or planning to travel to Southwest Florida and would like to inquire about our HOG Chapter Please Contact us or visit the Dealership. We have several Rides planned each week and our area can be the best year round weather for rides.

Our HOG Director

I hope your Holiday Season was Joyful, Happy, & Safe. I suggest you get some rest because we’re about to blast off on our 2020 Rockstar H.O.G. journey together.

I’m Fred Lamphear, your new Rockstar H.O.G Director. I am honored and privileged to serve you. I know many of you already. I will do my best to get to know

all of you on a more personal basis as we join together on the many rides and special events your 2020 Board has already started planning.

Speaking of your 2020 Rockstar H.O.G. Board of Directors, I will be introducing them to you at our general membership meeting in January. Hint #1: Many 2019 Board members have agreed to serve another term (WooHoo-makes my job easier). Some 2019 members will take on new positions, and we’ll be adding some new members to the Board as well. Hint: #2: for a preview, check out the Board of Directors page in this newsletter. Many Thanks to the 2019 Board of Directors for a tremendously successful year.

I would like to recognize those 2019 Board members who will be retiring: Pattie McMenamin, Jim Gruber, and Tom Brunetto. Thank you for your service to the membership as a Director in 2019 and for your many years of dedicated service to H.O.G. You will be sorely missed as Directors. Now you can continue to participate in all that Rockstar H.O.G. has to offer without going to all those meetings.

I have 5 primary Goals for our Chapter:

1. To Ride

2. To Have Fun

3. To Support the Rockstar Harley-Davidson Dealership

4. To follow the Guidelines set forth in the H.O.G. Chapter Handbook

5. To increase membership participation in all Chapter Rides and Events (that’s not all, just the top 5)

I applaud the fantastic job our Road Captains did in 2019. I know they will continue the great service they provide in achieving everyone’s goal - to ride in 2020. When you go on a Rockstar H.O.G. Ride just be aware of the planning, routing, pre-rides, restaurant selection and reservations, and dedication to safety that all of our Road Captains deliver. A new Road Captains Class will be forming soon. Let any Board member know your desire to join the team.

Congratulations to Rockstar Harley-Davidson for finishing #1 in motorcycle sales for the month of November. Y-T-D our sponsor is #3 in motorcycle sales in the world. What a great accomplishment. We’re all wishing you record December sales and another #1 finish. Not to be forgotten are the Motor Clothes, Service, and Parts groups. They are all top achievement contenders when compared to other dealerships. Great Job!

We had a successful, well attended, NCH Toy Ride in December. Thanks to all of you who contributed gifts and to those who participated in the ride. Special Thanks to LAMA. They contributed 3 large bags of toys. Thanks to our gift wrappers, Barbara Johnson & Robin Belanger, who wrapped all the LAMA toy contributions. The children, nurses, doctors and hospital administration were sincerely appreciative.

Steve DiPietro is helping our chapter advance through the use of new technology. He has written programs and systems that will enhance our chapter’s ability to achieve continuous improvement in many areas. Watch for more news form Steve. The key input element is your VIB number. Memorize it, keep it on your phone, or do something so you always have it with you.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our rides and events throughout 2020!