The HOG General Meeting 

May 8th 

Rockstar, 10am.

Welcome to Rockstar HOG *Chapter #4352*
Fort Myers Florida
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Fun Facts

They Have Their Own Television Show


In 2016, the show Harley and the Davidsons was released on the Discovery Channel. It was a dramatization of the early history of the company. However, it was mostly based on the true story and was a great watch for any gearhead or motorcycle enthusiast. The show focused on Walter, Arthur, and Bill, giving special attention to how they risked everything to launch their company. Of course, each of these men faced their own personal challenges. Yet, when it came down to it, they were all brought together by their love of motorcycles.

Effective Immediately

for Weekly Chapter Rides:

Arrival Time  - 9:00 AM

Departure Time - 9:30 AM

(Special rides may have different Arrival and Departure times. Always read Blasts and Calendars.) 

The Chapter recommends, 12 Bikes in a  group. The lead will determine when & how a larger group will split. Safety is the goal.

 If you are visiting or planning to travel to Southwest Florida and would like to inquire about our HOG Chapter Please Contact us or visit the Dealership. 


Given these unprecedented times we live in, the primary way we have to communicate with Rockstar H.O.G. Members is via email. Please open all emails you receive from Rockstar H.O.G. Thank You ..



Effective January 2, 2021, Wednesday and Saturday chapter ride departure times are 9:30 AM.

Read the blast, Facebook and the Calendar on this website and in the monthly newsletter 

for special rides that may have different departure times.