Updates from our HOG Director:

Hello Fellow H.O.G. Members,


*There will be no printed June newsletter. Watch for a digital June newsletter on our website near the end of this month.


The October 2020 "Fly Your Bra Ride" is cancelled. If conditions permit we will hold this event early in 2021.


During these troubled times We must all maintain our enthusiasm for being a Member of one of the best H.O.G. Chapters in the country. To that end, let's stay in touch by sharing pictures and sharing stories. I am starting a new program called "Ask The Director". Just send me a question (you are willing to have made public) via email and I will share your question on our website, hopefully with an intelligent answer. :-)


Have Fun, Stay Positive, Be Safe.


Fred Lamphear

Director - Rockstar H.O.G. Chapter