Updates from our HOG Director:

                                                            DIRECTOR UPDATE JUNE 29, 2020


Being the Rockstar H.O.G. Director in 2020 is one of the most perplexing and challenging positions I have ever held. There is no road map, procedures, referral manual, or past experiences to draw on as we chart our course through 2020. It seems like I publish one update, post to a blast, write a newsletter article and within 24 hours things have changed. I don’t blame any member if you are confused as to the Chapter status on any given day. The Board of Directors and I keep current on everything going on locally, statewide, and on the national scene. I think we all agree, 2020 is an unprecedented year. We will continue to adjust Chapter activities with the health and safety of our members as our primary goal. Today’s (June 29, 2020) Ride and Meeting Suspension Announcement was not made easily. However, it was getting more difficult for Road Captains to plan safe Chapter ride routes as covid “Hot Spots” continue to increase and expand. Add to that the fact many restaurants are not adhering to current guidelines and spacing requirements and the risks of covid exposure are too great. Unfortunately, much of the general public are just not acting responsibly either. Hence recent rollbacks of relaxed restrictions by the state. I have challenged the Board of Directors to come up with some creative ideas how we can all stay active in the Chapter, albeit on a more individual basis. The Rockstar H.O.G. Chapter is made up of many wonderful people. I hope that soon we will be able to see each other on a more consistent basis.


Fred Lamphear - Rockstar H.O.G. Chapter Director